EasyHose Testimonials

"I’ve worked in hardware stores in Tasmania for app. 29 years selling hose reels. (Mitre 10, Home hardware & Nubco who sell these AK reels). The longest lasting hose reel on the market that I’m aware of. Bought my mother one approx 15 years ago & I have one myself for approx 5 years & still going strong. Worth the extra money in my opinion for the long life. Have had cheaper Bunnings hose reels over the years which the plastic reel doesn’t handle the sunlight for to many years. Best quality in my opinion."

Philip Lane, Tasmania



"We bought two Easyhose retractable garden reels and a Cold Wash reel and could not be happier with our decision. We have a large garden and a stable and have been through so many useless hoses so wanted to upgrade properly once and for all and find a brand that lasts. According to the reviews this one is top of the market and now it's arrived and we've been using it for three weeks I can say it genuinely is. Top quality materials, well made and simple to mount on the wall. The casing pivots to wherever you need the hose to go which is a huge plus for us and makes retracting easy. Proud to buy Australian made and proud that we won't have to buy any more hoses for a very long time!"

J Turnbull, Melbourne


"I have been looking for a new retracting garden reel and happened to mention it to a friend over Christmas. He told me about his reel which he has had for nearly 10 years. Turns out it is an Australian made and owned company called AK Reels. I now have one and agree with my friend, you get what you pay for. A good Aussie made hose reel. Costs more than the cheapies."

John Simpson, Melbourne


"I've had an RC1000 for several years now and it has worked perfectly. I live in Austin, TX USA and the outdoor environment it pretty harsh. The reel housing is plastic, but it is holding up very well and I don't expect any problems with it. The hose itself is well made and nylon reinforced. It takes a little muscle to get the last 20 feet of hose out of the reel since you are basically winding a big spring inside, but hey I can use the exercise! The hose is 1/2" inside diameter which I find just right for my needs. I know lot's of people want a 5/8" or even 3/4" hose, but I feel for most all home uses those are overkill. The reel mounting/pivot bracket is also plastic but appears to be reinforced. This is the one area where I might expect a problem in the future. So far so good. One thing that is nice about this reel is that it is compact. You could put it just about anywhere."

Welshdog, Austin Texas