BLACK CASE WITH BLACK RING. Designer Garden Hose Reel


Designer series customised Garden hose reels.
1.5M connector hose.
Carry handle and quick release bracket supplied.
20M hose reel.
Hose and reel made in Australia

From : $310.00
2 Year Repair or Full Replacement Warranty
HEAVY DUTY AUSTRALIAN MADE HOSE REELS: Purchase 3 or more reels and save 5%!
BLACK CASE WITH BLACK RING. Designer Garden Hose Reel

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BLACK CASE WITH BLACK RING. Designer Garden Hose Reel

Product Code: RC1000A

$310.00 (inc GST) AUD

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2 Year Repair or Full Replacement Warranty


RC1000A is part of a custom colour range of Garden Hose Reels using premium fittings and hoses. The final Product is a high quality, reliable, custom colour water hose reel to fit into the surrondings in line with architectural or landscaping requirements. A heavy diuty, practical and good looking garden hose reel built using a system desinged for reliably to perform for many years. A compact wall mounted hose reel built for harsh Australian summers.

The custom garden reels come with brass fittings and tap connectors supplied with the RC1000A garden hose reels.

Easily installed in a few minutes to a wall or post the RC1000A will protect your hose from damaging sunlight, lawnmowers, pets and the ever present tripping hazard.

In operation the RC1000A allows you to pull out just the right amount of hose you need and then latches in position. A short pull on the hose releases the latch mechanism for the hose to retract. Always remember to shut off the water to release the pressure before rewinding the hose into the case for best results.

A second bracket can be useful as an optional extra for larger gardens or front and back uses. The reel is so light that this is not a chore to move and you get the most use out of your garden reel.

Garden hoses are not reccommended for drinking water use.


For best results be sure to turn off water supply and release the water in the hose line before rewinding the reel. Water wise tells us to always turn off the tap when not using the hose.


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Hose Internal Diameter: All new Easyglide hose
Hose Length: 20M
Fittings: Brass snap connectors fitted
Connector Hose: 1.5M connector hose with Brass tap fitting
Hose Grade: Kink rated 9+
Tape Wording: n/a
Tape End Options: Brass
Fixing Options: Wall Mounted or Bollard
Reel Type: Retracting/Retractable

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